Thomas SEMERE – Office notarial Ducamp-Monod et associés en
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Thomas Semere holds a master’s degree in notarial law from Université PARIS II
Panthéon-Assas and an additional degree in asset management. Previously partner in a «
traditional» notary’s office, Thomas Semere joined the firm in 2018 to better apply his
skills. He currently specializes in estate planning and patrimonial organization, at both a
national and international level.


Thomas Semere also practices more traditional aspects of the notary profession. He
advises the sales of real estate and more complex asset transactions. His concern is to
always provide the most personalized support and advice to his clients.


His professional activities began abroad in a firm with a large international clientele.
Throughout his career overseas, Thomas Semere dealt with a broad range of cases,
professionals and clients. He is qualified to handle all types of cases in English. He can
interact and collaborate with foreign legal advisers and international contacts if a case
so requires.


In parallel with his professional activities, Thomas Semere has for the past decade been
responsible as a lecturer in INFN, for the obtention of the Master’s Degree in Notarial Law
(Diplôme Supérieur du Notariat). He also teaches for INAFON a training course for the
University Diploma in Family Property Law (Diplôme Universitaire de Droit Patrimonial de
la Famille).