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If the traditional notarial matters constitute the base of Sophie DUCAMP-MONOD’s daily activity, she has been able to deploy them in an international context.

She has extensive legal and tax experience in the acquisition and sale of real estate by non-residents in France, in anticipating inheritance transfers involving transnational interests, in the settlement of estate transfers of persons who died in France with estate outside of France, or on reverse, of persons who died outside of France involving French estate or interests.


She holds a postgraduate diploma in notarial law from the University of Paris I – Panthéon-Assas, having exposed an extended essay on the « Perception and Admission of the Trust in France » 1997, but is also a graduate of the University of Miami (1992) Master of Laws in Comparative Law, after having studied one year as a free auditor at the Universidad de Complutense in Madrid (1991).

She has been certified as specialist of International Private Law by The National Center of the Notarial Profession (2017).


She is an active member of the National Council of the European Union (organization of notaries working directly with the Brussels authorities) in the contract law think-tank and the European American Chamber of Commerce (EACC) where she chairs the International Estate Planning Committee.

She occasionally publishes legal articles on international private law, her area of ​​specialization.


Fluent in English and Spanish, she has developed a network of foreign correspondents with English and Spanish speaking countries allowing her to deal with cross-border cases.



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