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Héloïse DO

Héloïse Do holds a Master’s Degree in Notarial Law (Diplôme supérieur du Notariat) as
well as a Master degree in asset management. She has practiced in the profession since

She gained unique experience throughout her career in various notary firms, throughout
France and most recently in Paris. She demonstrated her skills and talents with a wide
range of cases in family law, real estate law, commercial law and banking law.


Héloïse DO joined Ducamp-Monod & Partner in January 2019 as a notary to integrate the
Real Estate Department.

She assists and advises individuals and professionals in their real estate projects, having
developed expertise in commercial law. She is highly qualified in matters of business
transfers and commercial leases.

Additionally, Héloïse DO is fluent in Vietnamese. She advises many Asian clients.