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Helene PEISSE Holds a Master’s degree in notarial law and a degree in International Comparative Law from the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas. She worked in London, Paris and San Francisco before returning in 2016, now employed as a notary in the Law Firm where she had started her career as associate.

Beyond the practice of classical notarial law to which she is very much attached, Hélène PEISSE specializes in cases with an international emphasis, particularly in estate planning (gifts, partition and bequeath, wills), divorces and acquisitions in France by non-residents. Her experience in British and American Law Firms has enabled her to acquire a great working command of the English language, an openness towards international clients and professional relations valuable for dealing with complex cross-border cases.

Hélène PEISSE publishes articles in these fields and regularly speaks at conferences in France and abroad. Notably, she wrote a book on « American Trusts and French Notarial Practice » published by Editions Defrénois (2013).



Acquisition of real estate property by non-residents: important points