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As « Family Advisor », the Notary’s primary role is to assist clients at each important step of their life. They retain memory of the deeds and of the lives of families.

From birth (adoption, recognition of a natural child) to death (settlement of inheritances), they write marriage contracts or PACS conventions, they anticipate transfers through wills and donations, they assist in end of life planning, they execute the allocation of family inheritance and also assist couples who are separating.

The Law Firm has a department devoted to divorce cases. Both as « Judge of the Amicable », specialist in the liquidation of matrimonial property regimes, and as « Tax Engineer », the notary is, together with lawyers, a key Council for spouses in divorce proceedings not only with respect to the civil side but also for tax aspects of transactions. This implies, on the one hand, settling the past by dissolving the patrimonial ties which have united the spouses and, on the other hand, adjusting the future by the payment of compensations to alleviate the wealth disparity created by the divorce.

Another service is dedicated to the settlement of inheritances. Following the loss of a relative, it is difficult to face the necessary administrative steps, especially when they are accompanied by tax deadlines. The Notary has an important role to play to assist the heirs, from the recognition of the entitlement of the latter to the inheritance and eventual allocation of the assets requiring the establishment of tax returns for which the Notary is responsible.