Office Ducamp-Monod notaires



Law No. 2015-990 of 6 August 2015, the decree No. 2016-230 of 26 February 2016 and the Decree of 26 February 2016 secure the regulated rate of notaries.

The participation of additional notaries in the drafting or the signature of a deed does not increase the fee.

The notarial deeds are tariffed, meaning the fee is fixed by a government decree. The price of the notaries’ services listed in this text is therefore identical regardless of the client, the notary, or the geographical area. The rate is either fixed or proportional to the capital objects of the transaction, depending on the type of deed.

Services not listed in the decree result in a fee subject to the approval of the client.

The Notary can also act as advisor. Consultations and other advice result in fees, the amount of which is always subject to the approval of the client under the terms of a convention of fees.