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Law n°2015-990 of 6 August 2015, the decree n°2016-230 of 26 February 2016 and the Decree of 26 February 2016 fix the regulated fees/rate of notaries.

The participation of several notaries in the drafting or reception of a deed do not increase the fee.

Notarial deeds are subject to tariffs, i.e. the fee is fixed by a government decree. The price of the notaries’ services listed in this text is therefore identical regardless of the client, the notary or the geographical area. The fee is either fixed or proportional to the capital involved in the transaction, depending on the type of deed.

Services not listed in the decree give rise to a fee subject to the client’s approval.

The notary may also act as an advisor. Consultations and other advice result in fees, the amount of which is always subject to the client’s approval under the terms of a fee agreement.

See the tariff resulting from government regulation number 2020 – 179 of 28 February 2020 as well as the articles of the French Commercial Code:

  • L444-1 to L444-4: click here
  • On the regulatory part, article R.444-1 to R444-12: click here
  • In the part “decrees”, article A444-53 to article A444-186: click here

To access the booklet provided by the Chamber of Notaries click here

See the tariff of fees and consultations of the firm.

See the regulated tariff of Notaries.


Our negotiation fees:

As real estate specialists, we can put our clients in touch with each other. Our negotiation fees are set up to 4,5 % VAT included for sales whose price is inferior to 200,000 € and to 3,8 % VAT included for sales whose price is between 200.000 € and 20.000.000 €, and 1,9% TTC for price exceeding 20.000.000 €


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